Buy Rand Refinery Certified Gold - Krugerrands

Rand Refinery is authorised by the South African Treasury through the South African Reserve Bank to sell Krugerrands locally and in to the international markets. A number of major gold coin dealers around the world have been appointed by Rand Refinery to fulfill the role of distributors of coins.

Krugerrand coins can be purchased internationally through authorised distributors, such as banks, dealers, brokerage houses and coin dealers throughout Europe, United Kingdom and United States of America.

The price of gold internationally is expressed in US dollars per troy ounce. It is then converted to national currency gold prices based on the prevailing exchange rates with the dollar.

Krugerrands can also be purchased from Rand Refinery if there is no primary distributor available in the country of purchase.

The Rand Refinery's authorised coin dealers listed below are independently owned companies, and whilst Rand Refinery takes pride in supplying the finest quality Krugerrand stock to them, it is in no way responsible for the operations of these outlets.

International Dealers: Coins and Minted Bars
South African Dealers: Coins and Minted Bars

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