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Rand Refinery has become the refining hub for Africa.

Rand Refinery started operating in 1920, and has refined more than one third of the gold ever mined in the world.

Our refinery is located close to OR Tambo airport, in Germiston, South Africa. We are the only LBMA accredited refinery in Africa. We are also accredited with COMEX, TOCOM, DMMC and SGE. This means that gold fabricated by Rand Refinery can be used for delivery to these exchanges.

Rand Refinery is one of five LBMA referees, meaning that its laboratory is considered adequate to adjudicate disputes on metal content between LBMA members.

We have been sourcing gold from other countries since 2004, and our logistics procedures and processes have proven to be effective in ensuring fast and secure transport of material to our refinery and smelter.

Responsible sourcing practices are a key part of our corporate culture and we comply with the requirements of LBMA responsible gold guidelines and the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas. No gold can be accepted by Rand Refinery until we are satisfied that it is responsibly procured or produced.

The requirements and procedure to initiate an application to trade with Rand Refinery are listed below:
  • Rand Refinery is primarily a gold and silver refiner and while deposits may contain base metals and platinum group metals, these other metals will not be paid for.
  • Rand Refinery acts as an agent only and never takes ownership of any metal. Metal will be refined or smelted and sold into the bullion market on the customer's behalf.
  • Rand Refinery will only contemplate refining and smelting transactions with customers from countries which are:
    • not subject to international embargoes or sanctions and not deemed to be the origin of conflict minerals or a corridor for the trans-border movement of such minerals.
    • Please refer to the following:
    • OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict Affected and High Risk Areas (Supplement on Gold)
    • LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance.
  • Rand Refinery only transacts on a principal-to-principal basis and does not transact through intermediaries or third parties.
  • Rand Refinery will only transact in terms of a formal signed agreement with the OWNER of the gold. The owner of the gold must be a registered company; an individual cannot register in his/her private capacity.
  • Potential customers need to have relevant permissions and permits before we will consider to source gold from them.
  • In addition for scrap customers and refiners we require independent verification of their responsible gold compliance.
Responsible gold requirements:
  • Independent Audit Report to confirm the following: Policies, Procedures and Processes must be established to ensure that a Depositor can conform to Responsible Gold Principle. Typically, this audit will ensure that the Depositor conforms to the "5-Step" process outlined in the OECD due diligence guidance, which forms the basis of the LBMA's Responsible Gold Guidance and the Responsible Jewellery Council's certification process.
  • Chain of Custody Audit - Material deposited at Rand Refinery must be of known provenance. Systems must be established to enable an independent 3rd party to verify all stages of processing in order to provide assurance on the veracity of deposited material.
If the above criteria are met, and the customer wishes to gain further information with regard to Rand Refinery's requirements, kindly complete the Pre-KYC form and return to a Sourcing representative. Contact Us

Disclaimer: Kindly note Rand Refinery doesn't guarantee that it will trade with a customer on receipt of the customer's application to trade or after the Enhanced Due Diligence and KYC process has been completed. Rand Refinery also does not guarantee any pricing or volumes of trade should an application to trade be successful. Rand Refinery is not obliged to furnish reasons should it decline an application to trade.

Please see the Pre-KYC Application Form

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