As an independent private company, our shareholders are drawn from across the South African gold mining industry, placing Rand Refinery in a unique position. This gives us extensive insight and unique understanding of the precise requirements of both the mining process and mining houses, ensuring we fully meet our customers’ needs. At the same time, we enjoy the full support of two of the largest gold mining houses in the world. This gives us sustainability of supply which gives comfort to our downstream customers.

Board of Directors and Management

Praveen Baijnath
Chief Executive

Dean Subramanian
Chief Financial Officer

Non-Executive Directors

Rams Ramashia
Independent Chairman

Fatima Daniels
Independent Non-Executive Director

Pieter Henning
Non-Executive Directors

Harry Ephraim "Mashego" Mashego
Non-Executive Directors

Christine Ramon
Non-Executive Directors

Mark Burrell
Non-Executive Director

Mpho Mashatola
Non-Executive Director

Moses Madondo
Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Directors - Alternates

Ian Kramer
Non-Executive Director – Alternates

Herman Perry
Non-Executive Director – Alternates

Executive Committee

Peter Bouwer
General Manager: Refinery and Fabrication

Collin Naicker
General Manager: Smelter and Engineering Services

Basil Moeng
Executive Head: HR & OD

Terance Nkosi
SHEQ and Technical Assurance

Busisiwe Khangale
Company Secretary

Our History

In the early days of South African gold mining, the crude bullion produced had to be shipped to London for refining. However, the year 1909 was the first step on our journey of independence when the Transvaal Chamber of Mines founded the Witwatersrand Co-operative Smelting Works, to treat the gold and silver bearing by-products from reduction works.

On 27 November 1920, Rand Refinery Limited was registered as a private company with initial capital raised from shares limited to gold mining companies that were members of the Chamber of Mines.

Throughout our journey to independence we constantly strive to put both our local and international clients top of mind and continue to pursue valuable change in everything we do.

Our Journey So Far

With almost 100 years of rich heritage, we have built strong relationships based on integrity and ethics, strived beyond our humble beginnings at the foot of Africa and achieved many global firsts.

We commit to constantly pursue valuable change in everything we do, from helping young and talented jewelers realize their potential. We continue to grow Rand Refinery, while doing our part to decrease South Africa’s high unemployment rates.

Going forward, we will strive harder and further – expanding our expertise exponentially, adding value beyond measure, exploring new and untapped markets and establishing key global partnerships and alliances.

Our People

Integral to driving our pursuit of excellence and constantly refining our offering are the people of Rand Refinery. We enjoy exceptional long-term loyalty matched with talent and immense experience. And as a result, we have built long-term customer relationships in the process.

See our Employment Equity Policy.

Our Values

To create value change, we first have to instil a set of shared beliefs within our organization. Our values have been developed in consultation with our employees:

Our Mindset

  • SSHEQ – “I take personal responsibility for security, safety, health, environment and quality”
  • Accuracy and precision – “Every milligram counts for me”.
  • Delivery Culture – “I am accountable, and results orientated”
  • Ubuntu – “I am honest, respectful, mindful of our diversity and behave with integrity in my daily interactions.”

Policies and Procedures

Rand Refinery’s values provide the framework for the development, implementation, maintenance, monitoring and review of company policies and procedures.  There are several policies but contrary to the why we do business are:

Environmental Sustainability Governance

Rand Refinery is passionate about improving the lives of people and our communities by making a positive difference and contributing towards the wellbeing of those around us.  Our aim is to:
  • To help alleviate poverty
  • Safeguard good health and well being
  • Stimulate quality education
  • Encourage gender equality
  • Empower industrial innovation
  • Develop sustainable communities
  • Ensure responsible consumption and production
Rand Refinery has a well-established Gold Zone on its premises on which it hosts the Jewellery Village. The aim of the Jewellery Village is to create an environment which will enable local communities to participate in skills development, jewellery design and manufacturing. The main Jewellery benefactors of this village are:
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